External / Internal Cylindrical Grinding

We’ll grind your rollers:

  • cylindrical, concave, convex
  • in bearings or between centers
  • with dimensional, form, and positional tolerances that meet the most demanding requirements
  • metal, ceramic, rubber, paper

Machining maximums:

  • Cylindrical grinding: dist. between centers Ø 830 x 6000 mm
  • Pin grinding: Ø 1600 x 5000 mm
  • Internal grinding: workpiece length 1500 mm, max. grinding depth 700 mm
  • Accuracy: 2µ
  • Flat surface grinding: 400 x 800 mm

Taper grinding
Through a controlled B-axis, a taper with over 80% contact area can be achieved. Upon request, your precision parts will be measured and recorded with our state-of-the-art Zeiss measuring machine.

For the most demanding requirements, we can finish your rolls down to a surface roughness Rmax=<0,025 mirror shine.

  • Generatorwelle Ø280x3800 mm

  • Innenschleifen Ø400x800 mm

  • Außenschleifen Vertikal

  • Kehren Vertikalschleifmaschine